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E. Anthony Meetings & Events is a full service meeting and event management company founded in 1985 by Elizabeth Anthony.  Our role is to work with our clients in a collaborative process to develop specific objectives for their meetings, execute a plan and deliver results based upon the desired outcomes.  During the past 31 years, we have developed a reputation among our clients and suppliers as being the "best in the business."

We understand the need to develop and stay within budgets.  In fact, our experience and resources consistently lead to overall budget reductions and the efficient and effective use of client capital.

While you may be responsible for the success of the meeting, we also know that you and your staff have other responsibilities with your company.  Meeting planning most likely is not your technical area of expertise or greatest area of interest.  It is ours!

E. Anthony Meetings & Events will save you valuable time and money, and provide a trouble-free meeting.

You don't have to go to a meeting.  You get to go meet with other people.
You don't have to create a presentation.  You get to share cool stuff with other people!


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